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Hi, I’m Mayur Jethva, Founder of Video Theaters.

I am a Digital Marketer, Entrepreneur, Blogger, SEO Expert, eCommerce Seller at MEESHO, and Amazon but have an enormous passion for Latest Upcoming Technologies.

I am Daily Looking for the Latest Upcoming Gadgets which we can buy and which not so that I can give the best results from my Knowledge.

The things are that I have bought My Life’s First Domain on 11th Feb. 2018 which is after Guiding by My Job Boss Hitendra Bavadiya and Start with the General News which is on Trending in India.

After 7 to 8 months I was bored and I have no time to run more this blog so I was down it. After 1 year I got the notification to renew your domain which is on Bigrock, and at the same time, I was at my Friend’s Office and he was suddenly asked me, “Mayur, What about your Video Theaters Blog. How much you’re earning from that.” and I just said. This blog has no more. I haven’t time to run.

After Meeting my Friend so many Unknown Peoples Facebook me, Hy Mayur I show your Blog and I am impressed by your work.

I Thought this blog was for me not to work for money-making but yes this blog gives me some Name&Fame. so I have decided and come to my home and directly renew that domain.

After renewal for 2 months, I thought about which category I have to start this blog. and some of my friends suggest you have good knowledge of Video Related stuff likes, Washing Machines, Home Theaters, and so more Review Units. so you have to start on that topic to be aware of your audience which is the best and cheap product to buy. Now I am working with the VIDEO THEATERS.

What is Video Theaters?

I have Restart Video Theaters Blog to help People to Buy the Best and Cheap Home Appliances, Kitchen Appliances & many more. 

Video Theaters is the Place Where you can get Washing Machine, Home Theater System, and so many Home Appliances Product Reviews with Buying Guide. In this Video Theaters Blog, we have shared information about the Cheap, Best, and Latest Daily used Home Appliances Products.

And Yes, We also give the Best Items from Amazon India with the URL so you can go and Buy Instantly, this Could save your time.

So what do you have to wait for?? Go and Check out our Latest Blog Article.