Top 11 Best Descale Powder in India for Washing Machine 2022

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Best Descale Powder in India:- After using the washing machine for some time, have you noticed the black scales inside the washing machine? If we use hard water and use a lot of detergents, These black scales accumulate in the washing machine. It’s not just that it looks bad, it makes the inside very dirty and gives off a bad smell. No matter how clean or tidy we try to maintain, these scales keep increasing.

The good news is that we can remove these from the Washing machine and for that, we need a type of powder called Descale washing machine powder.

Today we will discuss in detail the Best Descale powder available right now (2022-2023) in Amazon India. With its review, we will give you the best buy links from where You’ll be able to buy the right product as per your choice.

Best Descale Powder in India 2022 with Reasons

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1. IFB Essentials Descale Appliance Descaler

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IFB Essentials Descal Appliance Descaler
IFB Essentials Descale Appliance Descaler

IFB is a very famous name in the Descale Powder market. IFB Essential works on these very quickly and drains them out of the washing machine with a single wash. As per the company, you should use it once every three months, which means one packet is enough to keep it clean for three months. It is super easy to use and it works with all Washing machines.

Why Choose IFB Essential Descale Powder

  • It comes with a Mini 100gm pack, Which will be convenient to keep and use.
  • You can use this with any coffee mug as well.
  • Removes Bad odor quickly.
Things We Like
  • Can use in a coffee mug.
  • Eliminates terrible odors.
  • Small convenient package.
  • Operate with all machine brands.
Things We Didn't Like
  • Multiple attempts to remove stains.
  • Leaves ugly scaling marks.

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2. Atomic Washing Machine Cleaner Powder

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Atomic Washing Machine Cleaner Powder
Atomic Washing Machine Cleaner Powder

If you use your washing machine a lot, then Atomic Washing machine cleaner power is the best one for you. It is known for its strong and deep cleaning. Atomic Washing Powder comes in two 150gm packs. Total weighing 300gm. Atomic Washing machine powder is made for Top and front load to all fully automatic machines. It is well effective when you use one pack after 30 washes.

Why Choose Atomic Washing Machine Cleaner Powder

  • Best For medium to large size families, as it is very strong and you get 2 packets of 150gm of descaling powder.
  • You might not believe it but it is an Eco-Friendly product as promoted by the company.
  • Completely removes odor as it works at a mycobacterial level.
Things We Like
  • A pack of 2 combos.
  • Powerful effectiveness.
  • Best for a big family.
  • Eliminates odor at mycobacterial level
  • it’s Eco-friendly.
Things We Didn't Like
  • Precipitation in the inner walls of the machine.
  • Not add any additional fragrance.

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3. Bosch Siemens Quick Descaler for Appliances

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Bosch Siemens Quick Descaler
Bosch Siemens Quick Descaler

Bosch, a well-known German company, has launched Siemens Quicks Descale powder with a view to sanitation and quick cleaning. Although it is a German company, it is very famous here in India as well. It’s so powerful that if you have never cleaned your washing machine since you bought it, (let’s assume You have got a 5-6 years old machine) it can wipe out limescale completely even at this stage.

Bosch Siemens Quick Descaler is one of the most loved descales powders of all time. You can also use it in dishwashers as it can easily forestall calcium build-up. As a result, it removes all types of unpleasant odors. It works best with hot water so it is recommended to run the 60° laundry Programme without any pre-wash. A 30 to 40-minute wash will do the job.

Why Choose Bosch Siemens Quick Descaler

  • Europe’s number one home appliance company Bosch has made it. So you can expect it to be a premium quality product. And indeed it is premium in performance.
  • Bosch Siemens Quick Descale Works with every washing machine or Dishwasher.
  • Thoroughly clean the drum, glass door, and outlets. Completely removes old coated layers of salt or calcium.
Things We Like
  • Premium product.
  • Efficient with every machine.
  • Cleans the calcium layer on the glass door.
Things We Didn't Like
  • It is a bit expensive
  • Doesn’t work with all machine brands.

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4. Fortune Multi Use Descaler 100 gm

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Fortune Multi Use Descaler
Fortune Multi Use Descaler

Fortunes Multi-Use Descaler Powder comes with 4 units of 100gm. 4×100= 400gm in total. It is 100% Biodegradable, so it will not harm your Sweet-Home Environment. The USP of Fortune Multi Use Descaler is its fragrance, it not only cleans, sanitizes but Deodorizes the inside of the washing machine – If you love the fresh scent, You must consider trying fortune Multi-Use Descaler. It can be used with all leading brands.

As its name refers, it is a multi-use Descaler, we can use it with washing machines, showerheads, dishwashers, electric kettles and even with faucets. It is also compatible with various kitchen and washroom appliances. An All Founder… Aah! 😛

Why Choose Fortune Multi Use Descaler Powder

  • 400gm of 4 packs is more than enough.
  • It is very safe for normal households as it is 100% Biodegradable.
  • Not only does it remove odor, but it also mesmerizes your environment with a fresh fragrance.
  • You can use it – almost anywhere! From coffee Coffee kettles, faucets to dishwashers- showerheads!
Things We Like
  • Four packs of 400 gm.
  • Eliminates odors with a sweet fragrance.
  • Can use with any appliance.
Things We Didn't Like
  • Not effective enough with stains.

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5. LG ScaLGo Descaling Powder for Washing Machine

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LG ScaLGo Descaling Powder for Washing Machine
LG ScaLGo Descaling Powder for Washing Machine

After bringing washing machines to the market, LG has realized the need for descaling powder. Though LG Scalgo Descaling Power can be used with any brand, Lg emphasizes the use of descaling powder to their customers more.

It removes scales from the drum and door and gives a shiny result. It’s not as strong as other Descale powder, which means It’ll not damage your machine at all! But you must allow the machine to run for 60 minutes if You’re using Lg ScaLGo Powder. It weighs 300gm and comes in 3 packets.

Why Choose LG ScaLGo Descaling Powder

  • Lg Scalgo Descaling Powder is recommended for new Washing machines as it is light in nature. New machines do not require strong descale powder. You may consider it if you have newly bought a washing machine.
  • Tt lasts 3-4 months as it comes with 3 packs, each containing 100gm of descaling powder.
  • The only powder on the list is made by a washing machine company. And we all know LG is trusted.
Things We Like
  • Three packs to last for 4 months.
  • Perfect light nature for new machines.
Things We Didn't Like
  • Not well with all models.
  • Its light nature cannot remove scales.

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6. Whirlpool Scalegon 300g, Pack of 3, White

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Whirlpool Scalegon
Whirlpool Scalegon

The next one we have is called Scalegon from Whirlpool. It comes in 3 packs of 300gm. Although it is unscented, it does a great cleaning! Don’t get caught in Its name – it is not for whirlpool only, you can use it with any brand. It is also eco-friendly and reduces power consumption.

Why Choose Whirlpool Scalegon Powder

  • If You have a whirlpool Washing machine in your house, Scalegon might be your best choice.
  • Affordable and effective for middle-class families.
  • Can be used with a dishwasher and water heater in the Bathroom.
Things We Like
  • Reasonable rate.
  • It goes for 3-4 months quickly.
  • It can also use water heaters.
Things We Didn't Like
  • Not working with some machines.
  • It leaves some scales.

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7. Boxprize4U Powder for All Washing Machines

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Boxprize4U Powder for All Washing Machines
Boxprize4U Powder for All Washing Machines

Maybe you haven’t heard the name of Boxprize4u before. But they have brought a very good product for top-level branded washing machines. Some of the official names as mentioned with the product are – Samsung, Whirlpool, Lg, IFB, Bisch, Haier, Godrej. It is compatible with all these leading brands.

3 packs of a total 300gm descale powder can be used over 3-4 months. Boxprize4u is one of the best washing machine cleaner powders, It acts instantly on strong deposits and removes old limescale.

Why Choose Boxprize4U Powder

  • Compatible with all leading Washing machine brands. 20 Minutes of wash will be sufficient to wash out any limescale.
  • Removes bad odor.
  • It comes with clear instructions, which is a big plus point for new users.
Things We Like
  • 20 minutes clean limescale.
  • Works with any machine.
  • Comes with proper directions.
Things We Didn't Like
  • Comes with oxalic acid.
  • Odorless.

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8. SCURE Best Descaler Washing Machine Tub/Drum Cleaning Powder

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SCURE Best Descaler Washing Machine Tub Cleaning Powder
SCURE Best Descaler Washing Machine Tub Cleaning Powder

Scure Descaler Washing Machine Powder is the most affordable and effective washing machine powder. You get 4 packs × 100gm each from amazon India. Like the other Descalers, it is a powder and has no liquid in it. It is compatible with fully automatic top or front load Washing machines. Cleans perfectly.

You can use it with all other brands like Hair, Godrej, IBF, Bosch, Samsung, LG, etc. It increases optimum condition and prolongs the life of appliances. One of the best washing machines is Descaler powder available right now in the Indian market. Recommended cleaning is once in three months.

Why Choose SCURE Best Descaler Washing Powder

  • Affordable and effective
  • Compatible with all the best washing machine brands.
  • Easy to use.
Things We Like
  • It comes at a reasonable rate.
  • Gives great results.
  • It works with all washing machines.
  • Extremely easy to use.
Things We Didn't Like
  • Slight residues need to clean manually.

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9. IFB M.G. Essential Descale Powder

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IFB M.G. Essential Descale Powder
IFB M.G. Essential Descale Powder

IFB M.G Essential is another awesome descaler from IFB, Manufactured by Revachemical Pvt. Ltd. Compatible with all branded Washing machines.

Unlike Ekta Home Appliances Multi-use Descaler Powder, IFB MG. essential Descale Powder is perfect for big houses or commercial uses. 600gm Descaler which comes separately in 6 packets can be greatly beneficial for long-term usage. It works well for dishwashers also.

Why Choose IFB M.G. Essential Descale Powder

  • Perfect for long-term usage in big families.
  • Deep cleaning, remove unpleasant odor.
  • It has a mild mint Scent, which creates a fresh environment.
Things We Like
  • Best choice for prominent families.
  • Long-term use.
  • Cleans machine thoroughly.
  • Eliminates terrible odors
  • Have a freshly pleasant smell.
Things We Didn't Like
  • Not work well with some machines.
  • Sometimes leaves scales unattended.

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10. Ekta Home Appliances Multi-Use Descaler Powder for Washing Machine

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ekta home appliances Multi-Use Descaler Powder for Washing Machine
Ekta home appliances Multi-Use Descaler Powder

The second fortune product on our list is Ekta Home appliances multi-use Descaler powder. It smells the same as Fortune* but it is slightly expensive, of course, there’s a valid reason for that though- it comes with 5 packs of Descaler, total weighing 600gm. It would be best bought for a large family.

Well, you can use Ekta Home Appliances Multi-Use Descaler Powder on Washing machines, Coffee makers, showerheads, dishwashers, and even faucets and titles. Make sure to read the instructions properly before use for the best result.

Why Choose Ekta Home Appliances Multi-Use Descaler Powder

  • 5 Packets of Ekta Home Appliances Multi-use descaler powder is a big yes for commercial usage as well as large families.
  • It cleans as well as spreads fragrance. Best for sophisticated people.
  • Multi-Purpose usage makes Fortune stand alone. You can use it anywhere! Tiles, faucets, kettles – On Anything!
Things We Like
  • Comes with five packets combo.
  • Best for families and commercial use.
  • It can use with any washing machine.
Things We Didn't Like
  • It is light in nature.
  • Takes a large amount to remove some scales.

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11. SHARABANI afresh Descale Powder

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SHARABANI afresh Descale Powder
SHARABANI afresh Descale Powder

Sharbani Afresh Descale Powder is the last descale powder on this list. You get 4 packets in 1 order. 400gm of descaling powder can be used with a washing machine, Dishwasher, Shower Head, etc. Though it is compatible with all leading brands, Sharbani marks it as Samsung’s suitable.

Why Choose SHARABANI afresh Descale Powder

  • Total weighing 4 Packets of SHARABANI afresh Descale Powder is best for small size families.
  • It is mostly used with LG. So if You have an Lg Washing machine – you can give it a try.
  • You can use it with a dishwasher, Shower Head, etc. It Sanitizer with proper cleaning.
Things We Like
  • Best choice for a small family.
  • Use it with Lg washing machines
  • Can also use the Powder with the dishwasher, etc.
Things We Didn't Like
  • Not work with other Brands except L.G.

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How To Use Descale Powder

First, you have to open the back pipe and remove the fungus and dirty bars stuck in the small net. This will allow clean water to enter through the pipe. The pipe should be washed in water.

This will increase the water pressure. Then turn on the power button and wait until the drum starts to rotate.

You can set the water level to 50%. Set Washing time to three minutes, rinse one time, and set spins for a minimum of 2 Minutes. Then start. Now the water enters the washing machine and starts rotating the drum, now we will open the lid and pour a packet of descaling powder. Set time to 20-30 Minutes and temperature to 40-50 degrees celsius, when it’s done clean the drum with clean water. you have a clean washing machine.

Why We Need to Use Descale Powder

Descale Powder reduces maintenance costs a lot, saves power, and reduces detergent consumption. It also eliminates bad odors. Metallic elements in water such as magnesium calcium react with the temperature inside the washing machine and reduce the longevity and efficiency of the washing machine. Decal Powder contains very light amounts of acid and corrosion inhibitors, which easily remove the limescale without harming the machine.

Safety Tips To Use Descale Powder

  • Descale Powder Should not be used excessively for new Washing machines.
  • Never use it in the tub cleaning mode where the temperature rose to 90° celsius.
  • Don’t keep Descale powder mixed water in the Washing machine for more than 25-30 minutes, it may damage the drum.
  • Keep away from fire and children.


1. How do I descale my washing machine?

Ans. We already explained this at the beginning of the article. However, Let’s explain again: We will pour this powder into the washing machine and we will keep it on for a while and we have to make sure that the temperature is between 40 to 50 degrees Celsius. When it is done we will clean the refix filter and then rinse with plain water.

2. What is the best detergent for hard water?

Ans. Read More Here – Best Liquid Detergent For Washing Machine In India

3. What is the best washing machine for hard water?

Ans. Read More Here – Best Washing Machine In India With Expert Reviews

4. How often should I use it?

Ans. On average once in 40-45 days. It depends on the condition of your washing machine and the water type you have in your home.

5. Can I use any company descale powder?

Ans. Yes! Most of the descale powder mentioned above is compatible with all the leading washing machine brands.

6. Can we use Descale Powder on any device other than washing machines?

Ans. Fortunately Yes! Descale powder is very soft which is why we can use it in a few other machines, like Electric Kettle, Coffee Maker, and even shower heads! And it is 100% safe.


We have given the review with the links of the top 11 descale powders available now in India. Although It is very easy to use for your convenience we have given you a guide above on how to use it, or else please read the instructions you get with the product package. Not only washing machines but also you can use these descale powders on dishwashers and other appliances like coffee makers, faucets, showerheads, etc. Now you can choose the best descale powder of your choice!

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